Deep House Collection (Vol.8)

  1. Dani Corbalan: Where Are You (Original Mix)
  2. Marga Sol: Feel It
  3. Елена Темникова: Под луной (PDC Remix)
  4. Dimitris Manasidis: How Much (Andreas Agiannitopoulos Remix)
  5. Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski: Felted (Original Mix)
  6. Marc Korn & E-Rockaz: Time After Time (Calmani & Grey Extended Remix)
  7. Max Lyazgin & Manny Cole: Faithfully (Hugobeat Remix)
  8. SecondCity & A Double: Let The Music (Extended Mix)
  9. Tomislav Rupic: Way Up
  10. ArchAngel: Melancholy (Original Mix)
  11. Boral Kibil: Aurora (Original Mix)
  12. Coldplay: Adventure Of A Lifetime (Guardate Remix)
  13. David Jackson: Blessed (Extended Mix)
  14. Tom Bug feat. Ida Flo: Upside Down (Richard Earnshaw’s Instrumental Revision)
  15. Umami: Ghostnote (Original Mix)
  16. Jay Pei: Dark Horse (Original Mix)
  17. Stuffa featuring David A Tobin: Proof (FCL Remix)
  18. Andrey Exx & Terri B!: Weak (Ivan Spell Radio Edit)
  19. Rio Dela Duna & Leanne Brown: Hold Me Down (Gio Goose Remix)
  20. Soul Shadow: Times Have Changed (Risk Asessment Remix)

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